May 21, 2013

From Boating To Biking: Spain Knows It Better

I have two visual weaknesses - prints of cats and bikes. If I see a tee with a graphic design of a cat on it, I want to buy. If I see pants with a bike graphics print all over it - I want to get it. Bikes and cats are my weaknesses. Thus, there's a reason why I would take a notice of these sandals. I'm definitely loving these Menorquinas Bicycle Ivory by CASTELL.

Made on the island of Menorca, Spain, Menorquinas Sandals are so sweetly simple, you’ll be surprised by their functionality and versatility. A single ankle strap, no-frills peep toe, leather lining, and rubber sole ensure this sandal will stay on through all of your tropical vacation activities, from boating to biking.

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