May 17, 2013

J. Crew Wants You...And You Want Them Too

I can't go to this event, but you can! But why would I be talking about J. Crew?

Over the last few years J. Crew emerged as one fashionable house. Back in the days, my girlfriends and I wouldn't even consider shopping at J. Crew except for their basics - shirts, swimwear and cotton lingerie, which always had this Hampton-Martha's Vineyard kind of feel and classic look: clean lines, subtle colors. 

However, under the new creative eye of Jenna Lyons, a graduate of the Parson's design school in NYC, J. Crew has evolved into a very polished, high quality brand, which cashmere sweaters and business casual are now the destination for many fashionistas out there. 

Jenna Lyons at the J. Crew office in NYC.
Moreover, J. Crew also tailors to the wedding crowds, offering classy outfits, footwear and accessories, and if the First Lady and Vogue's Anna Wintour took a note of the brand, it must be good, right?

That's said, I've been a big fan of their newsletters, which usually come as an advice from their fashion guru Gayle Spannaus, Fashion Director and Head Women's Style, in which she speaks in the first person to the audience.

Their newsletters are not tacky, neither they scream 'buy, buy, buy', they always present the information in a very fun, helpful, casual way:

They've been also embracing the social media and have been having quite a success, executing on all the social media platforms with the right strategy. Their blog is also quite a pleasant, leisure read that doesn't scream: buy, buy, buy...but rather gives good tips on fashion, lifestyle and such.

P.S. And as a graphic-designer-in-the-works, I really love what they are doing visually and graphically with their branding, packaging, collaterals and online representation.

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