May 14, 2013

Lady in Red


It doesn't become everyone, but it does add the fearceness to a woman, because only some women are brave enough to wear the red, especially when it comes to the footwear. 

Last month I happened to attend the Shoe Obsession exhibition and tour at the Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology, which I've just become a student of for Spring and Summer terms), and one of the pairs of the shoes on the display was the notorious pair of the black pumps with a red sole by Christian Louboutin, which he made decades ago.

It was the very first shoes with a distinctive red sole that no other designers have ever made. It quickly became his signature. When Louboutin was asked 'why the red soles', his answer was 'men are like bulls, they are naturally attracted to the red color' - can't be said any better than that.

Now, is Louboutin right? Gentlemen, you tell me...

All in all, the red color is a very strong color. It very much effects the perception of a person who wears it by other people. The red color definitely brings attention. This is no coincidence that some of the strongest messages that ask for immediate attention - are in red. The red traffic light. The Red Cross. The red blood. The red flags. The Red carpet. The Red blush. The Red Stop Sign.

Red color is - power. Red is - hot. Red is - fierce.

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