May 03, 2013

Tramando from Argentina: Discovering A Local Brand

Last December was my first time traveling to the South America. It was my first time visiting Argentina, and while I was in Buenos Aires, I couldn't help myself from checking out their local fashion scene.

I learned that Argentina, for the most part, does not allow too many of the international design houses to be present in the country, but rather it supports the local talents. The international fashion names only exist at the luxury shopping centers and only in the big cities, but when it comes to the shopping areas like Soho and West Village in New York City, all the stores are the Argentinian fashion brands, which, by the way, is not a bad thing for the tourists because it's much more interesting for us to discover the local brands rather than shop the ones we have at home.

This is how I've discovered the Argentinian fashion brand Tramando

I love both their clothes and accessories as much as I loved the decor of the store, which is located in the 'SoHo-like' area of Buenos Aires. When I was leaving Buenos Aires, I thought it'd be a while before I see their designs again, but I had no idea what was coming...

You can imagine my surprise when I've received a gift from my 'family-in-law' from Buenos Aires, which had the accessories and clothing from Tramando!

Here are the close-ups of the accessory as it's seen on the model in their catalog for Summer/Fall 2013:

Some other looks I'm loving from their Spring/Summer 2013 collection:

And here's a video from their Fall/Winter 2012 fashion show:

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