June 09, 2013

F.R.O.M. L.O.V.I.N.G. L.A.M.B. T.O. L.O.V.I.N.G. N.I.N.E. W.E.S.T.: Summer flats and heels

The summer is here, have you upgraded your summer shoe closet?

I'm very pleasantly - [and very overwhelmed at the same time] - with the growth of the fabulous shoe brands all across. Every year we're getting more and more choices to choose from, both - from the high fashion designers like Stella McCartney, Donna Karan, Alexander Wang and L.A.M.B., but also from the lower-priced shoe brand chains like Banana Republic, J. Crew, Zara and Nine West. Despite the abundance of the choices, there are just a few of the brands that we really, really love...
I've been a very big fan of Nine West, right from the very first time I've discovered the store - way, way, way back - I got hooked on it, because they seem to know 'my feet'! They really do. It's like there's somewhere my aunt who's been doing the shoe lasts based on my feet - they always fit like a glove and no matter how high is the heel - it's still very comfortable to walk in them.

However, recently I've been liking the footwear by J. Crew and Zara and by that I mean - they feel comfortable. I've always liked the look and style of their shoes, but they never really felt comfortable and a few that I've got from them before are somewhere in the bottom of my shoe cabinets gathering the dust, because they hurt my feet when I use them.

Personally, no matter how fabulous the shoes might look, one should never forgo the comfort at the expense of the beauty, even if they say "a beauty worths the sacrifice  - I don't believe in it, and that's why it was very hard for me to watch the characters of the SATC, especially that of Sarah Jessica Parker - Carrie Bradshaw, who often suffered from the pain just so that she can walk in those fab heels.

Not for me! I made mistake a few times succumbing to the idea of a great shoe that didn't feel as comfortable and, as I predicted deep down when I was buying them - I would probably end up NOT wearing them...and that's exactly what happened. I do like to look at those once in a while, but hardly wear.

Inside my shoe closet of many heels...
Secondly, not sure if it's the age, but the older I get - the more often I prefer to wear the comfortable shoes. I don't want to say I wear my sneakers all day long every day, but I do love my Converse and/or Reebok sneakers and I'm very grateful that the sporty shoes are no longer for fitness only - they make them look and feel fabulous, sexy and very fashionable.

That's said. Here are a few footwear choices that I really like for this summer from both high fashion and affordable brands that not only look stylish, but they are actually very comfortable.

Jen Sandal $179

Now SALE on Gilt.com. Click here to shop.

Donna Karan:
DKNY Resort Collection 2014, which I'm absolutely in love with and when I contacted DKNY PR Manager Aliza Licht, she told me that she 'can't wait' herself to get her hands on this collection, which will be available very, very soon. I'll keep you posted!

Metallic Tone Track Sandals ($89.90) - I'm obsessed with them! They are genuine leather and very soft. Shop here.

Nine West:
Solitude (on SALE now for just $29.90), available in other colors as well. Shop here.

J. Crew:
Mila Cap Toe Leather Ballet Flats (on SALE now for $99.99). Shop here.

Ops, have I just suggested more flat footwear than the ones with heels? I guess I can't help myself...

Happy beginning of summer everyone!

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