June 12, 2013

If You're Thinking About... A Tattoo

When in Rome, do as Romans do...

The idea of a tattoo came from my recent trip to Miami. Absolutely everyone in Miami Beach and South Beach had a tattoo - both men AND women... [By the way, I've been always appreciative of a beautiful tattoo art and I do make a note...]

Some of them were interesting, some of them were plain big and heavy. However, I wanted to try to see how tattoo might look on me, how it would feel to have one...and, thanks to the temporary ones, I got to try it.
I got to try it everywhere: hands, feet, neck, and I must admit, it felt pretty cool. I'm even thinking of getting one permanent one now!

One of my favorite places, where I got my belly-ring and multiple ear piercings, is at St. Marks  Place (near Union Square & Astor Place) called "Addiction NYC Tattoo & Body Piercing".

However, if you first want to try - eight bucks and the tattoo is yours! 

And you can get it in three 'flavors': Anchor, Skull & Star. Shop this exclusive Tattoo Me! collection here, while it's still available.

Note: the salesperson told me that it's not easily removable and that I should use something like a make-up remover. However, per my personal experience, it's pretty messy and does not stay for long. It leaks, making dark running spots, especially if it's hot and humid outside. On the good side: you can always remove it easily...

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