June 06, 2013

In And Around: New York City Summer Style

The summer is finally here, and the New Yorkers know what it means - the heat in the city feels so much hotter than out and about in the open area in a less crowded and congested city, which 'breathes', while the AC is bursting out inside the subway carts, at the stores and in the offices. 

Those who love New York City have to battle some of the worst 'climates' of the city, every year, but still love living in the city, or not as much when you feel the sweat running down your absolutely fabulous outfit? 
How do you cope with the summer heat, when you have to accommodate both the heat of the city and the coldness of the offices? Here are some street styles and tips...

Personally, I'm more inclined towards the 'policy' of Europe in the summer, where the temperature of the street is not too much different from the temperature of the inside the building - well, just enough to cool you a bit. 

This way - [and your physician would say the same] - one doesn't get as sick during the summer this way. One of the reasons why so many people get more sick during the summers than winters in the USA.

Let's just say it helps to have large bags that fit that one sweater in case you are out and about the city that requires in and out of the AC-full subway and buildings.

Here's one day in the life of the Lower East Side:
I found these tips on how to keep cool during the summer heat in the city pretty good: there are at least a few of these that I've been, personally, utilizing. And as much as I liked the 'creativity' of these cooling ideas, I think they are a bit out of the reality - who is going to jump on a water ferry in the middle of a work day, right?

Yes, and do have gelato; this seems to be helping me to stay on a cooler side when I'm out and about the city. It helps that NYC has ones of the best ice-cream options in the world, like one of my favorites - the Popbar.

What's your summer style?

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