June 19, 2013

It's Summer, Thus It's On My Mind: Chanel Espadrilles

Why, WHY do they have to be so expensive!

I'm lusting after these absolutely fabulous and awesome in so many ways - Chanel Espadrilles. My favorite colors are white/black, black, and beige. 

Chanel never seems to cease to amaze me...

You'd think that Chanel has been around for decades and that after Coco Chanel was gone, there would be no more Chanel, as we know it - [just like many Apple fans think of the Apple brand after Steve Job was gone...] 

But NO! Chanel proves again and again that not only they can stay 'within' their infamous classic style, but that they evolve, they reflect on all the modern changes, trends and modern customer attitude...

I truly believe much of it is Karl Lagerfeld's achievement: the fact that he keeps it so cool and so timeless - and suited both for the younger and older crowds. 

They also do know how to use the hottest celebrities from around the world to advertise their products! Some of the things said about the brand live through the ages...

I just love Chanel!

You can buy these Chanel Espadrilles on eBay; I didn't see any other sites, where you can buy them anymore.

And if you need ideas on how to wear and mix/match them, check these helpful visualizations of the outfits put-together by the Polyvore fashionistas, click here.

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Fiona Carter said...

Chanel espadrilles perfect for the this summer, a glamorous accessory to go to the beach or even to use in the city. I love Chanel Espadrilles