July 25, 2013

A Saturday Afternoon in Soho: What To Expect On One Day

In and around Soho on a Saturday afternoon, and with a bit of the overall surrounding of one of the most fashionable districts in the city.
Here's what I see - when it's that hot in the city [in its July peak of 100F!], the comfortable, light clothing and accessories, usually, prevail.

However, do not expect a New York fashionista - be it a man or a woman - to give up the style. 

Oh, by the way, the white sneakers are still on!
The creations of the French Culinary Institute's students...

City biking in style...Sign up for your CitiBike here.
Navy color becomes, pretty much, any men. Pairing a light jean shirt with navy bermuda shorts and/or jean shorts will always be classic and in style. Opt for the leather flip flops - on a more stylish side than your regular Havana flip flop, which you should leave for the beach outing.

Ever wonder, who comes up with the sticker slogans like "Dolphins rape people"?! Cause I do, and I totally disagree with this one.
Being a graphic design student can be both helpful and distracting, because I keep on noticing all the street ads and signs, which are or are NOT always creative. In this case, I found it rather effective, but mostly because of the perspective of the billboard ad angle and the fact that it is impossible to focus in Soho - too much of the good stuff going on.
Either way you look at the Soho notorious building fire stairs, it's luring. Who would have thought that such as simple construction would be the subject of so many photographers' fascination?
And again my point - navy, navy, navy and...white sneakers. Absolutely gorgeous in a very casual sense of style!
Mon ami! If you are as much of a French culture fan as I am, I find this site/blog "My Little Paris" rather wonderful and très parisien! Let's just say, I'm addicted to this site. 
And again - navy, navy, navy and...navy sneakers. Puffing a cigar on a Saturday afternoon has just become one stylish activity. This photo has been taken by the OK Cigars store in Soho.
The tiny, tiny, tiny sandals seem to be taking over Manhattan this summer. If I'd go with this sandals style, I'd go with Rondinis les Tropeziennes style! The yummiest sandals I've ever seen in this kind.
Soho's being very patriotic...
I wonder if this bike belongs to this Psychic reader...

Celebrating the New York bakeries, aren't they too delicious to pass?! Never, ever go to Soho, expecting to not be tempted by all the gourmets from the local boutique shops like this one, or...Chobani!
Let's just say, the fans of Chobani yogurt just got a double treat - just as you thought your Chobani couldn't get any more fancier, they've introduced the Chobani shop, where you can get Chobani yogurt in many flavors and with various toppings. The Soho ice-cream and frozen yogurt stands are not happy about this new comer!
Let's just say that I come to Soho not only for the Chobani yogurt, cookies and Topshop-Uniqlo-AllSaints experience, but to people-watch...This is why you can see a lot of fashion bloggers hanging out with their oversized cameras around the hood.
How many bags are too many? Never enough in Manhattan. Oh, and the black color is a very smart way to dress in the heat, and you know why!
Aside from the cool name that comes from a no-less cooler proverb, Soho is the home of many vintage stores, you just need to look for them as they do not reside in the center of shopping. Check it out here.

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