July 08, 2013

Go, Go, Gone Swimmin'!

Yes, summer is finally here, and I'm about one year late to share the swimsuits I'm loving this season and where to find the open pools in the city!

As I’m spending a lot of time in the heat in the city due to schooling and work - as many of you, only on weekends - [if lucky] - we get to go away to the beach. But on most occasions, we stay in the city and engage in the pool hunt. Have you noticed the desperate Facebook posts of your friends and friends of the friends asking if anyone can 'adopt' them for the pool time?

Yes, every single year - no excusions to the rule - New Yorkers start to hunt for the new pools and/or sign up for the only available ones to secure a summer-full membership at the open pools in the city. It's the hottest commodity in the city during summers, and there's just so little to choose from, which makes a price of $30 for a day at the pool at a residential apartment building a pretty competitive pricing. This makes me reminisce about the rooftop pool I had in my apartment building with the views of the Capitol, which cost nothing - yes, NADA - for the guests at first and then they started charging like $7-10. This reminds me of the conversation with my girlfriend from DC, whose enormous outside pool at her apartment building is absolutely free for the guests, while the apartment building of my friend in the Battery Park charges $30 from the visitors!

So, where in NYC one can find an open pool, which, preferably, is not tooooo public.

  1. Chelsea Piers sun deck (views of the Hudson come with it)
  2. Dream Hotel sand-full pool (yes, they 'recreated' the beach sand scene)
  3. Soho House: This hip, private pool requires a membership at the club, but offers spectacular views of the Hudson River and West Village. Guests can sunbathe on striped lounge chairs under cream colored parasols. Soho House NYC, 29-35 9th Avenue. FYI: Members only.
  4. Open all year round, the Hotel Gansevoort's rooftop pool offers a stunning view of the Empire State building. Accessible to only hotel guests, the heated pool boasts a collapsible garage door that allows both indoor and outdoor swimming. Hotel Gansevoort Park Avenue, 420 Park Avenue South. FYI: Need to be a hotel guest.
  5. For a gritty-glam environment, head on over to the Thompson LES where plush orange lounge chairs are matched with a black and white Andy Warhol filmstrip pool. Hotel guests can enjoy cocktails and Blue Ribbon sushi as they lounge poolside. Thompson LES, 190 Allen Street. FYI: Need to be a hotel guest.
  6. The pool at Hotel Americano, called La Piscine in proper french fashion, is open to the public from 6pm-12am and features cozy cabanas and daybeds for sunny poolside chilling. Enjoy Latin-French fare and a few delicious cocktails from the connecting casual eatery. Hotel Americano, 518 West 27th Street. FYI: Open to public.
  7. The James Hotel for a swanky, modern escape. Reserved for hotel guests on weekdays, the pool is open to the public on weekends from 12PM-5PM. Enjoy the indoor bar and the menu provided by David Burke Kitchen, while catching some rays in the middle of Soho. The James New York, 27 Grand.  FYI: Open to public.
  8. Le Parker Meridien located up on West 56th Street. For $100, your day pass can get you forty two floors above street level, basking in direct sunlight. Towels are included and you can order food poolside or head downstairs to Burger Joint to refuel. Just make sure to head over early on the weekends; day passes are first come, first serve. Le Parker Meridien, 119 West 56th Street. FYI: Open to public.
However, as you can see, most of them require to be a hotel guest, or at least - have a very cool hotel guest friend, who can smooze you in for the pool time. You can also check out these swimming pools, click here.

You might want a swimsuit as well.

As summer starts, I always lean toward simplicity. These are the swimsuits I'm loving this summer:

1. Victoria Secret Ombre Triangle Top & String Bottom: now on SALE!

FYI: Victoria Secret tends to sell a lot of padded tops/bras, but that's the last thing you'd want on the beach, no matter what your bra size is. It's heavy, it's not comfortable and it adds too much of additional heat. Opt for the non-padded ones. The simpler, the better. 

Ruffle tops and bottoms are also very big right now, and according to my stylish friends, the ruffle bottoms make your butt very nicely perched - just the right away to show it in the right, flattering shape.

Also in style and very becoming to any shape, size and age: stripes and dots!

2. I'm also absolutely in love with Dorothy Perkins' Amalfi swim set. You can get it here.

3. J. Crew's Water-Ski Girls. You can get it here.

4. Topshop's Taupe Tie Dye Triangle Bikini. You can get it here.

5. Forever 21, the most inexpensive clothing line that you can get at the moment, is making very nice swimwear. The simplicity of the following swimsuits is absolutely delicious.

 You can get it here.

You can get it here.

P.S. Triangle swim tops are the most flattering for all shapes and sizes. Trust me.

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