July 01, 2013

My Absolute Kate Moss Favorites of All Times!

I've been always a big fan of Kate Moss' personal style. 

They often say that models 'naturally' are supposed to have a great sense of style. Well, not all,  and not at all. But definitely Kate Moss is one of them, who does have a great personal style that I admire. 

It's never 'out there'. It's never 'bling-ing and shining'. It's just always subtly sexy and casual and simple and extravagant at the same time.

She often pairs up her bottoms with a great jacket with a great cut. She's a big fan of skinny jeans and pants, and her leather pants are my dream!

A few years back - [in 2007, to be exact] - when Kate Moss collaborated with Topshop designing a line for them, guess, what's happened? It was sold out within days! The tops and bottoms she did for Topshop very much reflected her personal style.


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