July 25, 2013

Off To LA!

Those times when I was close enough to the Hollywood sign to take a photo of it!
After six years of having said goodbye to Los Angeles, tomorrow I'll be taking off to reconnect with LA I used to know and the friends I've left behind, as well as I'm looking forward to discovering the new LA!

Throughout the years I've written many articles about Los Angeles - from shopping and lifestyle to art and culture. Here's the recap of what I've said once about the city of angels:
  1. The 85th Oscar Academy Awards: The best, the worst and why the world cares
  2. 40 things about Los Angeles: you know you are in Los Angeles when...
  3. A short trip to Los Angeles; jazz and theatre
  4. A short trip to Los Angeles - art pit-stops for International visitors
  5. A short trip to Los Angeles - Flea markets attract International visitors
  6. A shopping trip to Los Angeles; International shopaholic styles up the LA way 
  7. Los Angeles bargains for travelers - shopping for a perfect pair of jeans
That's said, I'm very curious if what I've written about still holds the same and what has changed. I guess I'd find out in less than 24 hours!

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