July 24, 2013

The Weekend Finds: Soho...And The Fall's Coming!

You know how you can find out if the summer is almost over? The end of the season sales and the new Fall 2013 collection presence in the stores!

As much as one might be curious to see, what's the Fall 2013 fashion is bringing to you, it's a rather sad fact to enter a store and realize that the summer items are on sale and the new Fall collection has taken the place.

That's said, here are the items I've found last weekend in Soho, which I absolutely love:

ACNE, Fall 2013 Collection

Daan White shoes (also available in black, red and blue). Check them out here.
And the boots - see them in action here.
Aren't these shoes and boots absolute fabulous? And if you are not sure how you can pair them up and how to wear them - [with what?!!] - here's a couple of ideas.

AllSaints, Summer 2013 Collection: Riviera Jersey Dress

You might not see its uniqueness and sexiness on a hanger, but this dress is what I call 'it's so simple that it's sexy' - it's feminine, it hugs all the right body parts just right and the cuts on both sides of the front that go up to your hips is a nice touch to bring that 'oomph' effect to a dress that can be perfect as out on a day as out on a night. Check it  out here.
Topshop A Leather Backpack

It's as stylish as a bag, only it's a backpack, which, ladies, is so much more stylish than a bag in Europe right now. [Not to mention that your back would be very grateful - use it when you have quite a few things to carry around!]

This beauty is available at the TopShop Soho store, however, if this is not exactly your taste, check out the many other backpacks from the British store that counts Kate Moss as a fan here.

I truly enjoy sharing some great finds with my readers. I promise to do it more often! Wait till I go to Los Angeles this weekend, there's a whole different fashion world out there!

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