August 05, 2013

J.W. Anderson Fall/Winter 2013

My, my, my - I'm so loving this! J.W. Anderson's Fall/Winter 2013 is absolutely delicious!

But mine should be with a hint of orange!

Born in Northern Ireland in 1984 - [yes, he's only 29 years old!] - J. W. Anderson studied menswear at the London College of Fashion. The label J.W. Anderson was launched in 2008 with a men's collection. At the beginning of 2010 JWA launched a capsule collection for women, which quickly achieved critical and commercial success and from February 2011 has been shown during London Fashion Week. 

Anderson explores the relationship between boy and girl and blurs the lines of gender in each of his collections. Anderson lives in London, where his studio is also based.

 More from Anderson's fabulous minimalist collection that I want so badly!

I don't know why, but I'm just very attractive to this kind of 'swiss', very 'Nordic' uneven cut designs that are on the border of being considered 'weird' and 'unwearable', but they are actually very wearable and something I'd wear as casually as formally. Damn, I want it!


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