June 03, 2016

Miami Beach Vibe: Beach Cruising

Beach cruising in style? Leave your heels in the city when you come to Miami Beach and choose to ride your beach bicycle in flip-flops (see below my favorites) and/or keds. At least that's what the locals do.

Beach cruisers are these bicycles you usually rent at a hotel on a beach. I always get mine at the Shore Club, where we've been staying for the past 4 years. They can cycle in the sand, but I'd prefer to take it along the boardwalk from Miami Beach all the way to the end of the South Beach and do it so that when I reach the other end of the waterfront, I can enjoy a sunset. The sunsets on that end of the waterfront are amazing, and so is the ride!

Ride on and check some of my other bicycling videos here.

These are the flip flops I'm loving this season:
  1. Slim Paisage Flip-Flop from Victoria Secret
  2. Bruce Top 

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